Visit to Roque Bentayga

Gran Canaria

Many are the legends that surround the way of life of the ancient Aborigines and that today we try to rebuild. For those who like and want to know more about our guanches ancestors, the visit to Roque Bentayga is obligatory and that surely will like them as much as we 🙂

Spectacular view from the Roque Bentayga

What is Roque Bentayga?

The Roque Bentayga is a rock formation of volcanic origin that is located about 15 minutes from the center of the municipality of Tejeda and where there are ancient aboriginal settlements. We went on a Sunday, so by the way we took advantage of the street market that is next to the Cruz de Tejeda to buy typical products and take spectacular photos with views of Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga. If you are lucky and the day is clear you can also see the Teide.

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How to get to Roque Bentayga?

To get from Tejeda is very easy, when leaving the Cross, take the GC-15 and once at the roundabout take the 2nd exit on the GC-60 all the time and in less than 20 minutes you will be there. We leave you the fastest route link to Roque Bentayga from the Cruz de Tejeda.

History of Roque Bentayga

The history of Roque Bentayga places it as the only site that is documented as a place of battle and where, as they say, the Aborigines resisted the continuous attacks of settlers, something surprising considering that the weapons used by each other Had nothing to do … It also envelops a great archaeological context, since in the surroundings have been the aboriginal canary settlements of Cuevas del Rey and Roque Camello, which consist of a hundred caves with rooms, burials, silos , etc.

In the Roque Bentayga

As soon as we reach the foot of the Roque Bentayga, we find an incredible panoramic view of the Tejeda ravine, the village, the Roque Nublo and even Tenerife and the Roque Bentayga museum.

Roque bentayga

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The place is very well signposted so the climb up to the lookout point was no problem. As soon as we start the road we find a stone wall that runs along the base of the rock and is quite well preserved. As we were told in the museum, it was built by Aboriginal people as a form of defense.

Almogarén: Visit to Roque Bentayga

During the ascent we find many caves and almost at the top of the cliff is the almogarén, place of worship and meeting of the natives and where religious rites are believed. It is smaller than we could see in four doors, but it has no waste.

It is a unique place, surrounded by greatness within reach of few places. Relax and enjoy the moment, you can take some wonderful photos, you will have the majestic Roque Nublo, views of the ravine and town of Tejeda, the imposing Roque Bentayga … but also a place that invites to leave the mobile to one side, sit and To be intoxicated by its incontestable beauty. The truth that the Roque Bentayga pleasantly surprised us: D One of the special corners of Gran Canaria, and one of the obligatory visits for anyone.

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Museum: Visit to Roque Bentayga

Once down we visit the museum that the Cabildo of Gran Canaria placed at the foot of . It’s a small thing but it’s worth getting in to better understand the history of the place (admission is free).

Visit to Roque Bentayga

Inside we saw archaeological remains, Aboriginal weapons and writings, bones …

Take advantage also to recover strength, take a last walk on the lookout and take the best photos to Roque Nublo. 🙂

So far our visit to Roque Bentayga. We hope to have inspired you to take a jump through one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and its corners and enjoy as much as we do of the place 🙂

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