Leisure time in Canarias…

Life is moments. And not everything can be leisure. But a good part, right? We spend the years and we share the times, those who live with friends, with the family … those days that we ventured and did different things, that broke the monotony, that we let ourselves be carried and enjoyed as dwarfs, but changing that playground for Concerts, trips, beaches, pilgrimages, a dinner or a detail with someone special … and we danced, shouted, laughed and embraced in time becoming the frames of our life.

And it is that the years pass, and they pass quickly. Those who have 20 seem to fly, and those who already put the 3. we think that the last ones that have flown, and when we talk to our parents, that’s when you really see that your last 30 years were yesterday, and that you have to enjoy.

And that’s where “Somos Ociosos” is born. We are excited about the idea of ​​bringing you plans, events that happen on your island, escapades, competitions, anything different that can become your next memories, that can make your weeks a little different and you just have to choose what you like and who you take. All for you leisure time…

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We don`t forget that in these years, the thing, however much a politician denies it again and again, is not very well said. No problem, today we already have more than 100 local companies, which will go up on our offers page, so you can enjoy more for much less, and of course, we will bring you also sweepstakes and contests. This is just the beginning.

Leisure time in Canarias

I just have to thank the team behind this project, enthusiastic, positive people, looking forward to making this year something great. Thank you. And thanks to you, reader, to get down here, I know it’s not easy 😀

“Think about your next hour, it will never be repeated, enjoy, deep down, and busy we are, or believe we are, do not forget, Somos Ociosos”