Elder Museum

In Las Palmas GC

If you want to spend a different time with family or friends, we recommend you visit the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, a museum that was inaugurated in 1999 and belongs to the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of the Canary Islands.

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Elder Museum entrance

The Elder Museum is located in the Santa Catalina Park, in the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and will find different disciplines ranging from technology and innovation, computer science, biology, physics, experiments, planetarium … Let’s go for parts.

The Elder Museum_

The interior of the Elder Museum is divided into 4 floors:

Ground Floor Elder Museum

Nothing else to enter on the right is a temporary exhibition hall, when we visited it had the “Exhibition Tugboats” and another on the evolution of the means of transport in Gran Canaria. In the main area you will be surprised to find a real combat fighter, and the most fun: the robot armored, an articulated industrial arm that will make you feel that you are on a roller coaster 🙂 has several levels of intensity, we tried the 4 because they said Which was the most fun (it has 5) and a good experience and lots of laughs. If they are lovers of sudden movements on the roller coaster and others try Level 5 and they will tell us: D

Elder Museum
Robocoaster in action
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First Plant Elder Museum

Elder MuseumOn the one hand you will find a mental play area? And an area of ​​biology with animal skeletons and a dolphinarium. On the other, the planetarium of Elder Museum (we recommend you enter, it will be brief but very interesting, a) and an area of ​​experiments where we do not know who has more fun, whether children or adults!

Second Floor Elder Museum

There is another temporary exhibition hall and the 3D Cinema where they also usually do conferences and similar. During our visit they projected a documentary “Walking with Dinosaurs”, we caught it started and although it is not bad, it became a little long …

Third Plant Elder Museum

On this floor you will see “The mural pioneers”, a virtual stroll through the history and creations of canari men and women who have forged the scientific knowledge as well as the center of Canary researchers. The library area and the dynamic programming of activities complete their use. (From the page)

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Interesting Facts of the Elder Museum

Hours: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10’00-20’00hrs.

Closed: every Monday, January 1st and 6th, Carnival Tuesday, May 1st, 24th, 25th and 31st of December.

Guided tours for groups with prior reservation

Tel .: 828 011 828


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