Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas

in Telde (Gran Canaria)

We start our way through the corners of the island with the Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas, a spectacular Aboriginal set in the municipality of Telde, easy to reach and undoubtedly worth a visit.

Views from the Almogarén de Cuatro Puertas

The truth is that there is no consensus on the origin and function of the complex, so we will tell you a bit about the existing theories.

How to get to Cuatro Puertas?

To get to the site of the Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas, just take the GC140 (just before the Airport), until you reach the GC100, which will take you on the left and soon you will see a sign indicating on the left a slope that Will lead directly to the site.


Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas

When they arrive they will have to climb some stairs and the first thing that they are going to find is the cave that gives name to the deposit. A cave built by the Aborigines, of considerable size (17X7m), and which draws attention to the four doors in which you will find wonderful views to the north and from where you can get to see the capital, Las Palmas GC

Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas

One of the characteristic features of the Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas is the entrance of the solar rays the days before and after the summer solstice. The Aborigines attached great importance to the solstice and the equinox, and if you are one of the fortunate ones to take a place in the guided program “Yacimientos Estrella” you can live an experience like our ancestors, seeing the entrance of the ray of sun that marks the Arrival of the summer solstice, as well as its route through the cups before setting off behind the mountains.

In front of the cave are some crevices in the earth, which for some historians were for rituals made by the Faycan, and for other simple points to support a roof.

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Almogarén of Cuatro Puertas

Almogarén Cuatro PuertasFollowing the marked path you will find the Almogarén, a place of worship to the divinities of nature, and where you will not only encounter this piece of history, but will have before you a wonderful view of the coastline of the island.

Once you are delighted with the panorama that you will find from above, it is time to continue along a path perfectly delimited and that will take you to a space that we were pleasantly surprised.

Cave of the Pillars: Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas

When we thought that we had already seen the strong part of the deposit we arrived at the Cave of the Pillars. This part already sheltered from the strong wind and sun, and where they will discover a spectacular set of caves that, at least to us, left us astonished. A real haven of peace, greatness and inviting to stay there, quiet, looking at infinity and letting time pass, knowing that the site will make those minutes a special occasion.

Archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas

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As for the function of the southern part of this complex where there will be a large number of artificial caves connected to each other, as well as barns and other rooms to which no specific function is attributed.

So far our journey through Cuatro Puertas, which we are sure to return to and we would definitely recommend to visit.You are a click away to follow the leisure of the island🐼🐼

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